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Pest Problems in Airdrie? Responders Pest Control Has the Solution!

Located within the Calgary-Edmonton Corridor, Airdrie was founded in 1899. Incorporated as a city in 1985, Airdrie is now home to over 60,000 people. Owing to the expansion of Calgary and Airdrie, the two cities are now separated by only a few kilometres. 

Parks and museums are only some of the activities residents and visitors can enjoy. Airdrie is also home to several sporting organizations. Hockey, lacrosse, and football are all represented among the different clubs. Junior and amateur sporting clubs provide more opportunities for enthusiasts to cheer on their favorite teams. 

As with any city, the homeowners in Airdrie deal with pest issues. Finding a pest control company in Airdrie is not difficult, but finding the one that offers the best combination of support and performance does take effort. If you have a pest control issue and are asking friends “what are the best options for pest control near me in Airdrie?" then ask no more. Call Responders Pest Control and you will have the solution that you seek.

What We Do

Pest control can take a lot of different forms. That’s because there are so many different types of pests that can infest a home. The team at Responders has the experience and the skill needed to deal with just about any type of pest one can imagine. 

Perhaps you have reason to believe rodents are in the house. We can get rid of them. Have you noticed cockroaches running across the floor? We are the pest control professionals who can stop the infestation and ensure the roaches don’t come back. Are you having problems with wasps or bees? The training and expertise we bring to the table ensure those hives and nests can be removed and you no longer have to worry about being stung. We’ll even take care of ants invading the house and treat the yard to keep them from coming back. 

Of all the services that we offer, bed bug treatments are among the most popular. In fact, we’ve had many customers turn to us after asking other people “do you know of an exterminator near me that can get rid of bed bugs quickly?” The methods we employ provide relief to our clients without any unnecessary delays. Best of all, we are the best among the local pest control companies when it comes to showing up quickly, assessing the extent of the infestation, and starting to kill the bed bugs and their eggs.

Bed Bugs Heat Treatment in Airdrie

Some pest control services still rely solely on chemical treatments to get rid of bed bugs. At Responders Pest Control, we use the latest in bed bugs heat treatment. Thanks to the effectiveness of those treatments, we can offer customers benefits that they would not get using other approaches. 

You can bet that we provide the best bed bug treatment in Airdrie. That’s because we use heat that is directed and controlled. The temperature is sufficient to kill both adult bed bugs and any eggs found in the furniture upholstery or your mattresses.  While other methods may require several treatments that up to four hours, our methodical use of heat typically requires a day-long session that leaves the home free of any bed bugs in Airdrie. 

Since the heat can seep deeply into mattresses and into the padding in upholstered furniture, any eggs that are within the materials are also killed. That’s different from other solutions that only kill bed bugs closer to the surface. Killing bed bugs with heat treatment means you don’t have to throw out your mattress or replace those upholstered pieces. Once we are done, they will be free of pests. You can sleep or sit in comfort knowing there are no bed bugs to bite and irritate your skin.

End the search for the ideal exterminator in Airdrie today. Call Responders Pest Control at 403-910-1405 and get real solutions to your pest problems. Reach out to us using our online request form if you like. Once we are on the job, you will never have to think about contacting any of the other pest control services again.

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Customer Reviews

Got bed bugs in my house from a business trip.  I had some chemical treatments from another company, but it didn't work.  I called Responders to look at heat treatments.  The guy was really nice.  Got a heat treatment the next day and haven't seen a bed bug since.  

Tim / Calgary, AB

Responders came out and took care of our mouse problem.They were extremely professional and very friendly. Their cost was very reasonable and they took care of the problem. Our house is now mouse free. I would highly recommend this company.

Sara / Red Deer, AB

I found some bed bugs on my bed and was freaked out!  Never had this problem before.  Called companies that serve Lethbridge and they said it would be days before they could come in. Responders was there the same day.  Neighbours asked what they were doing and they said they were a cleaning service without missing a beat!  I would have have just died if the neighbours had found out I had bed bugs.  Hope i don't need you again, but thanks! ;)

Amanda, Lethbridge, AB
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