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Bed Bugs

We offer the latest heat treatment technology to get rid of bed bugs for good in less than 24 hours.  Ask about our guarantee!  


We'll make your mouse problem history, and help you make sure it doesn't happen again. 


Don't take the risk of tackling bee nests on your own. Let us deal with the stings and get back to enjoying your yard again.


Unlike their honey producing cousins, wasps can be a big problem around your home. We're there to take care of the problem for good.


They can be a problem in your pantry, yard or on your deck.  Let us deal with the problem and keep your home safe.


Cockroaches can get your restaurant shut down.  We'll get rid of them so you can stay in business!

Top-Rated Pest Control Services in Calgary

Among the top pest control services in Calgary, Responders is dedicated to providing timely, professional, and efficient support to every client. Our experience with the latest methods for pest control ensure you will be happy with the results. Here is how we make sure you are taken care of every time.

How Responders Pest Control Discover Pests in Your Home

An earmark of a truly safe pest control service is the approaches used to determine if there are any pests in your home. Our team is trained to see signs indicating an infestation is present. That involves looking for signs inside and outside. We’ll check in corners, under counters, and in all the little places where different pests tend to collect. During the inspection, we will use equipment designed to identify anything out of the ordinary. All of our methods are designed to be non-invasive. That means we won’t damage anything in your home as we conduct the inspection. Once we’ve been through the interior and checked the exterior, we will sit down with you and go over the results.

Types of Treatments

The Responders team is fully trained to resolve all sorts of infestations. As part of the pest exterminator services we offer, the method employed will depend on the type of pest that has currently set up residence in your home. In many instances, our state of the art heat treatments will take care of the problem. Heat treatments do not involve the use of chemicals. That sets them apart from other forms of removing infestations. We have the equipment necessary to control the amount and concentration of the heat. That ensures the most efficient results. If some other type of treatment is needed, we will go over the particulars with you before moving forward. At all times, our treatments are designed to be safe for you and your family.

How We Prevent Further Infestation

You may have worked with an insect service company in the past that took a “one and done” approach to pest removals. That is, they did a round of treatments and called the project completed. That’s not the way we do things at Responders. After the initial treatment, we arrange for a follow-up inspection. The goal is to determine if any pests remain. If there are signs the infestation is not completely eliminated, we administer a second round. Our commitment is to make sure your home is pest free before the job is considered finished. Whether the focus is on spider removal in Calgary or the elimination of Calgary bedbugs from every nook and cranny in the home, we don’t stop until there are no signs of a single pest.

Thinking about Your Privacy

Most people don’t want their infestations broadcast to the neighbors. It can be embarrassing when a service shows up with a van that clearly lets everyone know there’s a pest problem in your home. We understand that is an invasion of your privacy and choose to do things a little differently. With our home pest control service in Calgary, only unmarked vans are dispatched to your home. We choose to be discreet, get the job done, and then go on our way. For all your neighbors know, you are having plumbing work done or going about some other form of home improvement. They don’t have to know the improvement underway has to do with removing pests. If you think there might be a pest problem, call us today. Learn more about our services by allowing our team to come to your home and conduct a full inspection. What we find today could prevent an infestation that would lead to quite a bit of distress and damage if allowed to progress any further. Once you try us once, there will be no question of which pest extermination service to call whenever you need help.

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Customer Reviews

Got bed bugs in my house from a business trip.  I had some chemical treatments from another company, but it didn't work.  I called Responders to look at heat treatments.  The guy was really nice.  Got a heat treatment the next day and haven't seen a bed bug since.  

Tim / Calgary, AB

Responders came out and took care of our mouse problem.They were extremely professional and very friendly. Their cost was very reasonable and they took care of the problem. Our house is now mouse free. I would highly recommend this company.

Sara / Red Deer, AB

I found some bed bugs on my bed and was freaked out!  Never had this problem before.  Called companies that serve Lethbridge and they said it would be days before they could come in. Responders was there the same day.  Neighbours asked what they were doing and they said they were a cleaning service without missing a beat!  I would have have just died if the neighbours had found out I had bed bugs.  Hope i don't need you again, but thanks! ;)

Amanda, Lethbridge, AB
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