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Responders Pest Control is the forerunner in the local industry when it comes to cost-effective wasp control. We utilized advanced, proven control strategies that wipe out wasps without breaking the bank.

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The Number One Wasp Exterminator

Are wasps plaguing your property? Is the fear of getting stung keeping you indoors? Wave goodbye to your wasp woes! Call Responders Pest Control. We’re the number one wasp control company in the Canmore region, and we’re in the business of making everyone feel like our number one client with our outstanding level of client care.

Our company uses a combination of industry-leading strategies to combat wasp problems big and small. Typically, we choose our control method based on the species of wasp and the severity of the infestation. In standard wasp treatments, we may utilize high-efficiency traps, chemicals, exclusion tactics, and wasp nest removal to eliminate the problem and prevent its recurrence.

Wasp Nest Treatment

Wasp nests are danger zones, and we highly recommend that you avoid walking or lingering nearby if you see one on your property. Wasps are known to act aggressively in defense of their nest. If you’re in close proximity—you’re at risk of getting stung. Nest treatments are best left to the professionals.

Our technicians wear full protective gear and use specialized equipment and insecticides to remove your wasp nest. We are trained to use these strong chemicals that are not available to the general public and take every precaution to minimize risks and ensure your well-being from start to finish. Typically, once applied, the insecticide contaminates wasps, which in turn contaminate the whole nest area. Generally, it only takes a few minutes after contact for the wasps to die.

Yellow Jacket Removal

Yellow jackets are a particularly common species of wasps that are often mistaken for bees. Yellow jackets like to build nests near the ground, for instance, underneath porches and steps. Incredibly protective of their colonies, and notorious for their painful sting, it’s best to keep your distance from a yellow jacket nest.

If you notice a yellow jacket buzzing by, rest assured that Responders Pest Control has the specialized resources to get them to buzz off.

Preventing a Wasp Infestation

Wasps are worrisome insects to see flying nearby. Here are some simple measures you can take to protect your property against future infestations.

  • Refrain from leaving open food and beverage items outside
  • Ensure your outdoor trash receptacles are tightly sealed
  • Avoid leaving screenless doors and windows open
  • Cover or fill any holes in your lawn

Want to learn more about how you can wasp-proof your home? Our technicians are the go-to experts in town. Contact us for a comprehensive checklist for your residential wasp prevention plan.

Hire a Wasp Removal Professional

Wasp control is a straightforward, affordable process. At least, it is when you partner with the best in the business: Responders Pest Control. Contact us for fully integrated wasp control strategies that will result in long-term results and long-term savings.

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