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Our Story

If you have a bed bug problem, I understand how you feel. The same thing happened to me years ago. I came home from work one day and found a bed bug crawling across my bed. The horror of that day is still with me. It was hard to believe something like this could happen in my home.

Finding bed bugs was embarrassing too. I was so worried that my friends and neighbors would find out. Figuring out what to do was not as easy as I hoped. Calls to every exterminator I could find only led to leaving messages all over town, since it was after normal business hours when I discovered the problem.

I finally got in touch with a big pest control company that I'd seen advertisements for in the past. Nothing about the call impressed me. To begin with, the receptionist was really rude. She didn't answer any of my questions, and basically brushed me off by sending me a five-page list of things to do. This so-called “preparation sheet" included tasks like removing all the light fixtures and pulling up the baseboards! Apparently, I was supposed to rip my home apart before an exterminator would even give me the time of day. The entire approach was unbelievable.

On top of that, the real shocker was how long it would take for anyone to come to my home. The best they could do was give me an appointment two weeks from my call for help. Two whole weeks of living in a home that is ripped apart and still teeming with bed bugs.

The technician’s attitude when he finally did show up did not make things better. He has the same poor attitude as the receptionist, and did little to indicate he considered my problem to be serious at all. To make things even better, he shows up in a company can with the logo prominently displayed for the world to see. In case anyone had any doubts about what the company did, the illustrations on the van included huge rodents and bugs all over the exterior. That did nothing to quell my embarrassment about having a pest problem or my hope to not have the word spread to all my neighbors.

For less than 30 minutes of a cursory inspection, I ended up paying a small fortune. The treatments were less than effective, as evidenced by my efforts to check each room of my apartment. Dozens of bed bugs were still alive in the bedside tables, the dressers, and other areas of the apartment. There had been no discussion of treatments, just a quick glance, a faster spray, an even faster presentation of the bill, and the guy was gone.

Heat treatments? The company didn’t offer them or much of any of the latest developments in pest control. Whatever method they did use, it obviously didn’t work. It was at that point I realized it was up to me to do the dirty work and get rid of the infestation.

It took three chemical treatments and a lot of hard work on my part to finally get rid of my problem. The cost was unbelievable and the service I got was terrible.

My experience convinced me that I never wanted anyone else to ever go through the same sad series of events that I experienced at the hands of those so-called professionals. That’s when Responders Pest Control was born. From that day forward, I’ve made it my mission to deliver the highest quality of customer service and the most thorough bed bug treatments in the business.

Call today and let us help you with your pest problem. Place your trust in our team and we'll show you the difference we can make.

-Michael Jones

Owner, Responders Pest Control

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