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If you have found insects in your sheets, contact Responders Pest Control for the best bed bug treatment in the area. We offer quick response times and friendly customer service. You can also rest assured knowing we have completed a great number of bed bug removal jobs and have a solid track record of top-notch work.

Finding insects in your bed is never a comfortable situation to be in, but reach us at (403) 476-3612 to find out just how quickly we can turn your problem around. 

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Bed Bug Pest Control Inspections 

The first step in helping you regain control over your bed is to determine the extent of the problem. Bed bugs can be quite tricky to identify by sight, which is why we use advanced equipment to make sure we fully comprehend what we are dealing with. Bed bugs can multiply rapidly, which is why we emphasize efficiency during our assessments so that we can get to work without delay.

Our thorough and systematic approach to inspecting your property allows us to swiftly determine the correct approach and ensures a complete resolution of your issue. 

Advanced Bed Bug Treatment 

We make use of a number of effective bed bug control techniques to help bring you some peace of mind in your own property. Two of the most dependable treatments on the market are heat treatments, which involve heating the room to a temperature that is safe for humans but deadly for bed bugs and their eggs, and insecticide treatments. The extent of your infestation, as well as your personal requirements, will determine which method we employ to get rid of your pests. 

Dependable Bed Bug Solutions

After going through the process of beg bug removal, you most likely want to do it again a few weeks later once the remaining eggs have hatched. Depending on your infestation, multiple treatments may be necessary to get rid of them. Our expertise on the subject allows us to provide our clients with trustworthy advice on how to keep their beds free from unwanted pests. 

Some of the things we suggest doing to help guard your property against a repeat infestation include:

  • Avoid changing bedrooms and continue to monitor your current space
  • Enclose your mattress in a zipped bag to prevent bugs from getting to it 
  • Covering your bed legs to prevent bugs from climbing up them
  • Removing headboards
  • Vacuuming and checking for signs of a new infestation regularly to catch it early
  • Steaming your mattress and baseboards often
  • Avoid taking old furniture or textiles from the curb

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Finding bed bugs in your Cochrane home doesn’t need to be a headache with Responders Pest Control. We are committed to providing effective and efficient bed bug treatment. What’s more, we strive for 100% client satisfaction on every job we take.

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