Pest Problems in Canmore? We Know What to Do!

Located west of Calgary near the southeast boundary of Banff National Park, the town of Canmore is the ninth-largest town in the province Incorporated as a town in 1966, Canmore offers the perfect blend of small town living with the convenience of being near a large city. Once a coal town, Canmore has diversified and provides plenty of opportunities in terms of recreation, entertainment, and work in the tourism industry.

The close to 14,000 Canmore residents include many homeowners. As much as the natural beauty of the area appeals to them, it’s natural that increases the odds of pests finding their way into those homes. When that happens, the search for the right pest control company in Canmore begins.

While pest control companies come and go, some remain because they know how to help their clients. If you are looking for pest control professionals who will take proper care of whatever has found a way into your home, call Responders Pest Control today. You won’t be disappointed.

How We Can Help You Get Rid of Pests

If you can imagine the pest, there’s a good chance our team at Responders Pest Control has the right solution. We offer multiple forms of pest control suitable for dealing with different kinds of pests. Rodents will be out of your home in no time, along with the risks to your health and the damage to the wiring and insulation. Cockroaches will no longer roam through the pantry, and ants will not find their way into the house. We even have pest control services aimed at getting rid of wasps and bees.

Bed bugs are another issue that our team can resolve with ease. Perhaps you have been asking everyone you know about “the right solution for pest control near me in Canmore." Look no further. Our team knows how to find every area where the bed bugs are lurking. Once found, they will not escape us. In less time than you thought possible, those bed bugs will be out of your home and out of your life.

Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Your Canmore Home

The team at Responders takes bed bug infestations seriously. That’s why we pledge to show up at your home as quickly as possible. In many cases, we can have a professional who knows how to deal with bed bugs in Canmore at your home the same day. If not, we will be there the following day.

We start with a thorough inspection of the home. Don’t be surprised if we look in what may seem unusual places. Bed bugs are not confined to mattresses or even to bedrooms. They can spread to many different parts of the home. That’s why we will also be checking closets, the living room, the carpeting in the dining room, and window treatments throughout the house.

Once the bugs are found, it’s time to commence with the best bed bug treatment in Canmore. Our solution at Responders is killing bed bugs with heat. Using the latest equipment, we apply heat at the ideal temperature to instantly kill the bugs. Best of all, the treatment does not involve chemicals, so your furnishings and other belongings are not damaged.

Our bed bugs heat treatment is capable of killing mature bugs and eggs even when they are hidden deep in mattresses or furniture upholstery. That’s important since surviving eggs or bugs could launch a brand new infestation. Along with preventing that, our heat treatments also allow you to continue using your mattresses and upholstered piece instead of having to replace them.

Call us today at 403-910-1405 and let's talk about what sort of pest has invaded your home. If you prefer, contact us for a quote using the convenient request form on our website. With our help, it won’t take long to determine the best type of pest treatment and make the arrangements to eliminate the problem. After one round of using our services, you will never wonder which exterminator in Canmore to call when another problem arises. You’ll also have a ready answer when a friend or coworker asks “can you recommend an exterminator near me?”