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Moving? Don't take bed bugs with you.

Moving Day?

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Pest extermination before moving to a new home is not just about making sure the new owners have a clean home. It’s also about making sure you don’t take anything along to the new place. At Responders, we know how to make sure the only thing going to your new home is you and your belongings.

Why Can Bed Bugs Go with You to a New House?

You certainly do want to remove bed bugs from furniture that you plan on taking along to the new place. In fact, you don’t want to leave them in the old place for the new owners. The ideal solution is that any pest issue be completely removed before any moving is done.

Bed bugs are an especially difficult issue. That’s because they can find their way into just about any type of fabric that one can imagine. They burrow down into the mattress, box springs, drapery panels, area rugs, and even the linens and your clothing. Don’t let the name fool you: bed bugs are quite at home in the upholstery covering your living room furniture or any upholstered piece that you own. Unless they are eliminated, they will go to your new place right along with your furnishings and other belongings.

What Furniture Needs Special Attention?

While you can launder or dry-clean linens and draperies, the same is not true for upholstered furniture or your mattresses and box springs. In order to get rid of pests when you move a house, you need special treatment for those upholstered pieces. You will want to have an expert treat pieces like the living room sofas and chairs, any padded chairs you have in the dining room or kitchen, all mattresses and box springs, and just about anything that has padding covered with upholstery.

How Responders Pest Control Saves Your Furniture from Pests

Your best bet for pest control when moving in Calgary is our technologically advanced heat treatments. Unlike older chemical methods, concentrated heat will get into places that bed bugs are likely to hide. That includes reaching the places deep in furniture padding where they tend to lay eggs. Thanks to the expertise of our team, it’s possible to conduct heat treatments that will not damage your furniture while they get rid of the pests.

How to Bring Your Furniture to Our Headquarters

There’s a lot to do before you transport your belongings to the new home, and that includes taking care of the insect removal before moving in Calgary. Let us help by bringing a trailer to your home. Load all of your upholstered pieces along with the mattresses and box springs and we will haul them to our facility for an intense heat treatment. If you need help with the loading, let us know. Once the treatments are done, we can return them to your home. If you are moving to another address in the area, we are happy to haul the furnishings to the new place and leave the trailer while you arrange to have the pieces unloaded.

Call us today and let us help make your move simpler. When we are done with the process of pest control in Calgary, you can rest assured that your furniture won’t be the means of pests tagging along and settling into your new space. Before they can do any harm to you or your new surroundings, our exterminator in Calgary will check everything, remove any pests, and make sure the only living things in your new home are the ones you want to be there.

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