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Mice and Rodents

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Rodents Control in Calgary

Do you have a reason to think there may be a rat or mouse problem in the home? Now is the time to take action. To get rid of rodents, bed bugs, ants in the house, call Responders and arrange for an expert to take care of the rat removal in Calgary. In the meantime, here are a few things you should know.

Why are Rodents Dangerous?

Mouse problems are serious matters. They can affect the home and the family in more than one way. Without adequate mice control in Calgary, the rodents can burrow into your insulation and make themselves nests. They also use insulation as a place to eliminate waste. The result can be a stench and a health hazard for you and your family. The activity also extends to chewing on a wood framework and weakening the home’s structure. Expect to find containers of food that are ruined as the pests seek something to eat. The presence of waste along baseboards is also bad for your pets. All in all, the rodents pose a threat to your health, the home, and could lead to serious issues for people and pets if anyone is bitten.

How to Identify Pest Rodents in Your Home

Small pellets of waste in your cabinets and along baseboards are among the first signs of mice and rats in the home. There will also be an odor develop that is known as rats smell. That’s because the rats are settling into the insulation and eliminating waste. The stench will eventually permeate the entire home. You will also know rodents are in the house by the noises they make. Attic rodents run through the walls, something you will notice especially at night. Mice in the walls can also make noise as they work through insulation or begin to chew on wiring or wooden frameworks. Seeking help at the first sign of trouble will prevent a lot of damage and save a considerable amount of money.

What to Do If You Find Mice or Rats in Your Home

  1. Take images of droppings in the cabinets or along baseboards.
  2. Photograph close-ups of any food packages that are damaged by bites.
  3. Call a local mice exterminator and set up a service call.
  4. Email the images to the exterminator.
  5. Empty the cabinets.
  6. Pull furniture a couple of feet away from the walls.
  7. Set mice traps and rat traps for use while waiting for the exterminator.
  8. After the extermination, spray rat deterrent to prevent another infestation.
  9. Have an electrician check and repair any wiring damaged by the rodents.
  10. Deep clean the home.
  11. Check the insulation and replace it if necessary.

Rodents Removal by Responders Pest Control

You could try to get rid of the pests on your own, but that’s not the most effective way to get rid of mice and rats in the house. You will only see part of the problem. By contrast, our team at Responders knows how to locate and kill rats instantly without missing anything. 

Our rat exterminator will work with you to identify the best approach to rodent control in Calgary. The range of rat and mouse killer products we employ are the best on the market. You would find it hard to locate a rate and mice control company that places so much emphasis on taking care of our customers while we kill rodents and make your house pest free once more.

You’ll also find our mice and rat exterminator prices are among the most competitive in the area. That’s another way we take care of you. By keeping the mice and rats control cost reasonable, we ensure you don’t feel the pressure to use less effective methods for pest control in a futile effort to save money. Infestations by mice or rats are nothing to take lightly. Between the health risks and the damage that can be done to your home, it’s important to take care of the problem quickly. Getting rid of the rodents does mean seeking out the right kind of help. Call Responders today and let us get started on that pest control in Calgary. You’ll find that our team does the job quickly by using heat treatment and the rat extermination in Calgary cost will not leave your wallet empty.

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Got bed bugs in my house from a business trip.  I had some chemical treatments from another company, but it didn't work.  I called Responders to look at heat treatments.  The guy was really nice.  Got a heat treatment the next day and haven't seen a bed bug since.  

Tim / Calgary, AB

Responders came out and took care of our mouse problem.They were extremely professional and very friendly. Their cost was very reasonable and they took care of the problem. Our house is now mouse free. I would highly recommend this company.

Sara / Red Deer, AB

I found some bed bugs on my bed and was freaked out!  Never had this problem before.  Called companies that serve Lethbridge and they said it would be days before they could come in. Responders was there the same day.  Neighbours asked what they were doing and they said they were a cleaning service without missing a beat!  I would have have just died if the neighbours had found out I had bed bugs.  Hope i don't need you again, but thanks! ;)

Amanda, Lethbridge, AB
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